Ecommerce: Why You Should Be Using User-Generated Content Today

Your ecommerce business is literally one in a million. According to data given by Lemonstand, there are between 12 and 24 million stores online (and growing). These are humbling numbers, which should help you realize the importance of your content marketing strategy. Competing in the ecommerce industry can be very difficult, especially when you’re selling products many of your competitors are selling.

If your products aren’t 100 percent unique, then you need to ensure you have content that is. This will help to differentiate your brand from the others and potentially increase incoming traffic and social media followers.

The issue with content is that it takes time and money to create. If you’re strapped for both, then why not consider using user-generated content? It’s free to obtain, plus consumers are more prone to listening to their peers.

What is User-Generated Content?

There are various forms of user-generated content, such as photos, status postings, testimonials and comments. You can find plenty of this readily available on your social media pages, blog and anywhere else your followers like to engage with your brand.

Now, that you understand the what, let’s get into the why.

Improve Your Authenticity

Authenticity is highly essential for brands, because that’s what consumers desire. If you aren’t serious about building trust, then you won’t get very far. According to certain studies, about 92 percent of online consumers trust recommendations made by other customers. So you can really leverage the posts your followers are making to help promote your shop and products.

Build Your Brand Awareness

There are various ways you can maximize your brand awareness. For one, you can create an online competition where people have to post comments, photos or videos, for whatever reasons. This content should be related to your brand and products. Offer a free prize to the winner of the competition to make it more enticing.

Promote User Engagement

Everywhere you post content – the web and social media – make sure that you are encouraging user interaction. Ask questions, and start and join in conversations. This can take place in the comments section of your blog, forums or social media pages you have. Whenever you see reviews from customers, you can use them as testimonials on your website.

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