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Hiring An SEO Expert To Boost Your Business

As the owner of any business, something necessary to consider is who is handling your reputation management, and how. In today’s cyber world, reputation and brand identity has become everything in securing customers and appealing to prospective buyers/clients. The internet offers so much transparency that there is virtually no way to hide from negative aspects of your business or harmful reviews. It’s all out there in the open- and it’s up to you to decide what you want to do about it. With the emergence of review websites and apps as well as social media, your customers can now easily decipher if they want to support your business, or if they want to run the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t yet see the value of spending time, effort and funding on reputation building and management- until they do after it’s too late. If ignored, this lack of care could cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, missed connections, and repairing negative reviews. Instead of waiting for things to collapse, why not get a handle on this crucial aspect of business and ensure your reputation is exactly where you want it to be? Of course, understanding all of the key components to reputation management is no easy endeavor. That’s why hiring a competent SEO company will either make or break your business. There are a plethora of necessary reputation management tactics out there- here are the most crucial ones that a great SEO Expert will use to keep your business thriving.

Online Presence

Without a doubt, online presence and relative social media are the driving factors in getting your brand or business on the market- and keeping it there. Whether you are a new business or a seasoned veteran- your online presence is your biggest ally. How can you increase your online presence? That’s what a great SEO Agency is all about. By optimizing your website, crafting a flourishing social media presence, getting your Google ranking high on search results and putting your business on the map (literally)- you’ll set yourself apart from the competition.

A business-oriented website should be:

  • user-friendly
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • have all of the necessary information and imagery (landing pages, short and long descriptions, videos, testimonials, background story, contact information, products gallery, and descriptions)
  • uphold the chosen brand identity and appeal to the target demographic

A brand’s website is the main way to lock in sales and build subscribers and ensure that it’s visitors take action after reviewing the site.

Social Media is the next largest platform that will represent your brand’s identity, and uphold its reputation. Customers want to know the type of company they are getting into business with and what they’re all about. Social media is the best way to show unique character, add a bit of humanity to your business and connect with your audience. No website can yield the same connection as social media can.

First Impressions

First impressions are huge when appealing to your target audience. Your very first impression starts with the search engine. That is to say, where your website and social media rank on search results will largely determine how many people will find you. Google (Yahoo, Bing, etc.) is the main reference point. This is essentially a deciding factor in the growth or loss of business in today’s online market. Especially if your products are exclusively sold online, you won’t have a chance if you don’t make a good first impression. Once you get people to your site, you have about 3-5 seconds to grab and hold their attention before they go looking somewhere else. Because of this, your site and social media need to be engaging, easy to use and access, have clear and concise information listed and appeal to your target market. If you can’t manage to provide a wonderful first impression, you will without a doubt relinquish potential customers, and seriously hurt your business.


Today, reviews have basically become the new standard of discernment. According to the 2018 Online Reviews Survey by ReviewTrackers, approximately 45 percent of consumers say they are likely to check reviews on Yelp before visiting a business. Yelp’s percentage is only second to Google (64 percent). These statistics make clear how integral reviews have become to the success of any business. If your company is not aware of your online reviews, you could be seriously damaging your reputation just by being passive. The diminished clientele you’re experiencing is likely directly related to your online reputation in the form of reviews. Yelp, Google and other websites make it easy for anyone to write in- regardless of how great you may think your company is, your outward image if being crafted by the hundreds of reviewers who have done business with you. Hiring an SEO Expert in Los Angeles will allow you to master the review game and increase your number of positive reviews and overall reputation- especially in the over-saturated and competitive Los Angeles market!

Written Content

A component to reputation management often vastly overlooked and underestimated is written content. The type, the volume, the intention and the point of connection is all super important when curating written content for your business. An SEO company will oversee all of the platforms in which written content is necessary, and likely bring on board a seasoned writer to ensure the quality and volume of written content is high. The purpose itself for written content varies greatly. For example, the language and tone for which your business chooses to express itself must be consistent, well-understood and adhere to your desired image. Blogs and Articles are also an extremely necessary component to any thriving website, as this is a fantastic way to increase your Google ranking, and offer more points of connection with your customers. Offering listicles, blog posts and “how-to’s” will tell your audience that you’re passionate about your niche industry, you value and share useful information, and that you’re knowledgeable about your product(s). Blogs bring your products into the real world and give them content and framework. Hire an SEO Consultant that can provide you with a great writer, or at least inform you of the ways to increase and improve your online written content.

Return On Investment

All of this work in reputation management may seem like a serious undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. When you hire a professional SEO expert, you can enjoy the expertise and years of experience they bring to the table when developing an effective and comprehensive reputation management strategy. Los Angeles SEO consultants are amongst the most ground-breaking, innovative and knowledgeable in the industry. By adapting to current market trends and staying as up-to-date on business marketing and SEO as possible, you ensure a serious return on investment. Be proactive versus reactive when handling your reputation management. Don’t wait until your phones stop ringing, your employees lose morale, and your business is in the hole to call an SEO Expert.

After understanding the value and importance of reputation management, you may be wondering where to find the best marketing consultant in Los Angeles or Santa Monica. At I Think An Idea, we want to see your business thrive. For more information on how you can optimize and grow your business, visit us at I Think An Idea and get in touch to schedule a free consultation. Choose SEO and start the transformation today!


Cloud Connected

I am thrilled to recommend Hugh Benjamin as he has been a great candidate in the role of VP of Business Development for Cloud Connected LLC for over a year. Hugh showed a great pro-activeness with educational insight when there had been a concern. He had excellent communication skills and patience while over the phone and reporting metrics to our clients. Hugh managed to relay some of the information around SEO in a simplified way for prospective leads and clients to understand. With 25+ years of advertising and marketing expertise he had increased the number of users and session by around 330% and decreased the bounce rate by 10% overall in the year, according to data from Google Analytics. Increasing our ROI by 10% on digital campaigns. Hugh also introduced a fantastic sub-contracting team and built a great partnership with a local news media company to generate business. - Sam

180fusion - Brandon

I have work with Hugh Benjamin for over a year at 180fusion on several projects. I am a Systems Engineer responsible for writing detailed requirements and have partnered with Mr. Benjamin on several occasions. Hugh has exemplified the following: - Has grown the business three fold since my initiation as the Director of Sales - Has complete understanding of "big picture" scenarios - Adapted to the 180 Fusion business environment easily - Completes "quality" work quickly - Is extremely knowledgeable and communicates clearly - Incorporates new technology into requests - Flexibility in accommodating change requests and expressing concerns In closing, Hugh has been an exemplary resource with knowledge of the SEO and sales landscape, creating one of the best clients during my 20+ years of work experience. - Brandon

Safe Hands "Webinar" Department Launch

Safe Hands "Webinar" Department Launch / Hugh Benjamin / 1000+ Webinars in Year Hugh Benjamin developed our entire webinar sales department from the ground up while I served as Sales VP for Safe Hands Transfers. Hugh personally conducted what must have been thousands of webinars as he fine tuned the system to establish a multi, multi-million dollar sales department and top profit center for the company. His personal sales of over 1 million dollars in revenue - while he wrote the systems, collaborated with other leaders, recruited and trained staff - was the proof that every organization craves when embarking on an important journey. Hugh's personal attention to the relationships between people and departments, between the marketing and the market, and his very sincere confidence, led the way for many people to earn more than they knew they could. They, in turn, passed that confidence on to our customers, who were appreciative of the comfort and attention that they received. - Mike

180fusion - Farrah

Hugh is always coming up with fun, creative incentives based on the daily tasks he needs his team to accomplish. He knows how to motivate his sales team and reward them positively in a public way. I provide staff for a lot of B2B/Inside Sales/Telemarketing/Phone CSR clients, and coming to 180Fusion is always a positive experience, much in part to Hugh's efforts in creating a warm, respectful, results-oriented environment for our team. Because of Hugh's creative incentives, it feels like a start-up (for an established company) with the energy on the sales floor and the corporate team's efforts to constantly evolve and improve as a company. - Farrah  

Real Search Listings

Hugh worked for me at Real Search Listings and was hired to build my sales department, hire/train the sales team and launch a new marketing campaign. He helped grow the business and double our revenues. Hugh  is the utmost professional, yet very personable. I highly recommend him to any company that is struggling with effective sales and marketing to increase profit. Hugh was instrumental in the development of my sales department at Real Search. He was also involved extensively without  online marketing efforts while creating a social media program. He managed a large sales team and doubled our revenue in a short period of time. - Victor


Hugh worked for 180fusion when it was in startup stage and led the build out of the digital marketing inside sales team, all recruiting efforts, and sales systems / workflows to scale the department that was responsible for new customer acquisition of digital marketing clients. Under his leadership, the department successfully grew in a short period of time to approximately 45 employees. - Scott

Fun for Everyone

Owning and operating a rental company can be a difficult yet challenging business.  Finding a web company to grasp new clients and customers can be even more difficult. Thanks to Hugh and his amazing company my business will be exceeding all of my expectations.  The service and dedication of his company and coworkers has been phenomenal. Being in a business and in a market that rapidly changes Hugh and I Think an Idea makes changes immediately as requested to exceed the pace of web and social media.  His service has been exceptional and the results have been enticing. It is nice to collaborate with an agency that will capitalize on the promises they instill.   I am looking forward to the future with Hugh and his aggressive company and all the great business and leads they continue to generate!!!:) Thanks Again! – Rod


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