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How AI is Shaping the Future of Brand Marketing

Artificial intelligence – we all knew the day would come when they’d take over the world. Well, that day has yet to come, but we are seeing them slowly taking over internet marketing. It only seems right that AI would introduce itself in this realm, since most of online marketing consists of using algorithms and analytics collected by such tools. The only thing missing was having a software that could actually make use of the data being collected.

One company that’s taking this concept seriously is Facebook, which launched its own bots. We also see more companies making use of chatbot marketing expert tools. Since this seems to be a growing trend, it only makes sense to learn how you can take advantage as well.

Allow Customers to Serve Themselves

Waiting in line to make a purchase or ask a question is a headache for most consumers. Especially today’s customers who are used to and expect instant gratification. This is nothing new – we see self checkout services in just about every major grocery store. Amazon decided to take this a step further with a no checkout concept. This crazy scheme allows customers to swipe their phone app upon entrance into the store and pick up the items they want and then leave. Your Amazon account is billed afterward. You can try finding ways to allow customers the option of self-service, which will make their experience with your brand more seamless. Chatbot is one way of offering this to prospects.

Collect In-Depth Data

Using the chatbot tool will allow you to collect in-depth data about each customer. Each and every conversation it has with a customer is logged. You will be able to go back and analyze this information to find clues about primary concerns and questions your audience has and which type of products or services they’re interested in. You can use this data to learn how to tweak your marketing, customer service and sales departments (and content).

Personalize Your Marketing

Once you learn more about your customers using chatbots, you can personalize your promotions, making them more effective. With Facebook, you’re able to send promotions and reminders to users directly. This means you can tailor each offer based on the customer it’s being sent to. This can single-handedly boost your reputation and conversion rates.

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