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Internet Marketing Consultant – How to Make Your Business Rain Revenues!

Have a Vision for Business Success Online

Many times when I’m starting with a business owner they don’t understand how the internet can create magic for their revenues.   I compare the internet to “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” because it takes intention and belief consistently in order to bring the efforts to fruition.  I consider myself an architect or engineer when I’m laying out a blueprint or strategy for a client online with SEO and PPC and business development of building that online footprint.  Having met with companies that have done 20 million to 900 million in revenues it’s always shocking how significant Google and the internet is yet there are still many in 2019 trying to figure the internet out.


Building a Brand Online Takes Belief

I have had multi-millionaires hire me with a vision of lofty goals of acquiring a million emails or a million visitors in internet traffic and it takes a mind that has the intuition and know-how of how to layout an internet strategy that will manifest.   When I come on board many times I find myself inspecting their team or contractors they have hired that claim to be experts with a website or the internet yet their reference point of knowledge of SEO and web marketing is very shallow at the most.  These teams have no education of Google analytics or search console and they use no tools to research or create reachable targets or goals for the people they work for.  It’s like the blind leading the blind and because the owners don’t understand SEO or internet marketing they can’t even manage that team because the team knows more than them but not enough to be dangerous.

In order to create massive results online it takes someone with a depth of knowledge around all elements and also requires testing and measuring.  There are Facebook ads that most people run blindly because it seems so simple yet they have no idea what a call to action is, lead magnet, pixels on their site, email targeting in which the focus is Results and a strategy.  With SEO there is a science to targeting traffic that involves content marketing, link building. Partnerships with influencers and measuring the metrics as well as understanding the delayed results in Google Organic results.  There is a huge difference between the doings while most people work blindly staying busy and getting no results vs targeting an audience that will generate calls and leads with your ideal audience and results!

I focus all of my efforts on results and that why the people that hire me for internet consulting, SEO or business development work with me for years on end because I focus on giving the most value for the dollar.  I treat clients as if their business is my own company and take lots of heart to every client’s strategy because if what I am doing generates momentum then we get results and raise revenues for them.  Before internet marketing and SEO, I built companies since the age of 20 years old as well as sales teams and have always had that mindset with all of my clients.  I have brought the talents over from event planning and promotions online and also look at each strategy with these questions “How do I Grow This Company?’  How Do I Get Their Phone to Ring?  And “How Can I Create Magic for this Business?

There are many SEO and digital marketing companies that are great at the selling of their services and yet have no idea how to fulfill and serve their customers with value.  I was hired by several companies to grow large client bases of thousands of accounts, build sales teams, create online branding and architect call centers and sales teams.  Perhaps it’s because I have reviewed thousands of accounts looking at PPC AdWords accounts, SEO, web sites, and reputation management strategies.


Converting SEO and Sales to Revenue

As an internet consultant living in Los Angeles the clients that hire me are competitive and we compete with the best in the industry just within Los Angeles there are over 200+ marketing agencies within Digital Marketing and SEO however you don’t want to get lost at a company as one of the many.  I feel that communication to clients is essential along with delivering high value for the Businesses that I work with.

Many times the digital marketing out there portray a great image and lipstick on their company which looks trustworthy however the real evidence of a great company is delivering results.

As I worked with one of my clients Mercedes Benz a huge brand and luxury line of cars for their SEO I volunteered to get on the calls with their assigned digital marketing agency that was preferred by their brand.  This digital marketing agency had a great presentation however as I inspected and looked under the hood I uncovered that they paying a lot for a fraction of what we would provide for SEO and results.  It’s shocking because so many businesses go with a company that has a focus or specialty on their vertical yet many of these companies don’t do any original work and charge a premium for less work and results because if how they sell it.


Improving Online Reputation And Removing Bad Reviews

The reason why many companies have the root issue bad reviews or a tainted reputation online has to do with lack of a strategy for branding, SEO and don’t fully understand the significance of the internet.

One bad review and a company ignoring having some kind of internet strategy could cost a company millions of dollars in lost business.  I was contacted by a friend of 12 years who was working at a 900 million dollar company and referred me to that company because he was losing sales, appointments and many of the business he was getting was doing chargebacks all because of how they looked on Google.  Their analyst swore they were losing over 10 million per month in business because they did not think the internet made much of an impact on them.  This company had 8 out 10 of the search results on Google search for their name come up negative next to Rip Off Report, Consumer Complaints, Court Cases and Complaints Board.  It was very bad as well as have a Google autosuggest that came up for their name and rip off report all at once deterring clients and killing the morale for the sales team.

We were able to clear this for them and create a content marketing strategy with social media, reverse SEO, video marketing and link building to suppress this and make a huge impact in their business within 3 to 6 months and we continued to improve the results for 5 of their companies over a 3 year period.

The main key with the Internet is you need to understand the vertical and think thoroughly about the goals at hand.  It takes an internet expert to know what you need and how to accomplish the goals for that company.  You have to know where to search for the metrics and evidence that will accomplish results and solve the issues at hand whether it’s growing a company or keeping its reputation clean to building trust for everyone who visits your website.


The Best Shortcut to Success is a Long Term Plan

As I explained you can’t do something for 30 days and expect a windfall. We live in this instant gratification society and so for long term growth and the revenue it’s a marathon and you need to chart out the course you want to travel and how to get there.  You can’t rely on luck and you have to be able to duplicate success and scale it up properly for long term growth and utilize the expertise of someone who accomplished this time and time again.

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Cloud Connected

I am thrilled to recommend Hugh Benjamin as he has been a great candidate in the role of VP of Business Development for Cloud Connected LLC for over a year. Hugh showed a great pro-activeness with educational insight when there had been a concern. He had excellent communication skills and patience while over the phone and reporting metrics to our clients. Hugh managed to relay some of the information around SEO in a simplified way for prospective leads and clients to understand. With 25+ years of advertising and marketing expertise he had increased the number of users and session by around 330% and decreased the bounce rate by 10% overall in the year, according to data from Google Analytics. Increasing our ROI by 10% on digital campaigns. Hugh also introduced a fantastic sub-contracting team and built a great partnership with a local news media company to generate business. - Sam

180fusion - Brandon

I have work with Hugh Benjamin for over a year at 180fusion on several projects. I am a Systems Engineer responsible for writing detailed requirements and have partnered with Mr. Benjamin on several occasions. Hugh has exemplified the following: - Has grown the business three fold since my initiation as the Director of Sales - Has complete understanding of "big picture" scenarios - Adapted to the 180 Fusion business environment easily - Completes "quality" work quickly - Is extremely knowledgeable and communicates clearly - Incorporates new technology into requests - Flexibility in accommodating change requests and expressing concerns In closing, Hugh has been an exemplary resource with knowledge of the SEO and sales landscape, creating one of the best clients during my 20+ years of work experience. - Brandon

Safe Hands "Webinar" Department Launch

Safe Hands "Webinar" Department Launch / Hugh Benjamin / 1000+ Webinars in Year Hugh Benjamin developed our entire webinar sales department from the ground up while I served as Sales VP for Safe Hands Transfers. Hugh personally conducted what must have been thousands of webinars as he fine tuned the system to establish a multi, multi-million dollar sales department and top profit center for the company. His personal sales of over 1 million dollars in revenue - while he wrote the systems, collaborated with other leaders, recruited and trained staff - was the proof that every organization craves when embarking on an important journey. Hugh's personal attention to the relationships between people and departments, between the marketing and the market, and his very sincere confidence, led the way for many people to earn more than they knew they could. They, in turn, passed that confidence on to our customers, who were appreciative of the comfort and attention that they received. - Mike

180fusion - Farrah

Hugh is always coming up with fun, creative incentives based on the daily tasks he needs his team to accomplish. He knows how to motivate his sales team and reward them positively in a public way. I provide staff for a lot of B2B/Inside Sales/Telemarketing/Phone CSR clients, and coming to 180Fusion is always a positive experience, much in part to Hugh's efforts in creating a warm, respectful, results-oriented environment for our team. Because of Hugh's creative incentives, it feels like a start-up (for an established company) with the energy on the sales floor and the corporate team's efforts to constantly evolve and improve as a company. - Farrah  

Real Search Listings

Hugh worked for me at Real Search Listings and was hired to build my sales department, hire/train the sales team and launch a new marketing campaign. He helped grow the business and double our revenues. Hugh  is the utmost professional, yet very personable. I highly recommend him to any company that is struggling with effective sales and marketing to increase profit. Hugh was instrumental in the development of my sales department at Real Search. He was also involved extensively without  online marketing efforts while creating a social media program. He managed a large sales team and doubled our revenue in a short period of time. - Victor


Hugh worked for 180fusion when it was in startup stage and led the build out of the digital marketing inside sales team, all recruiting efforts, and sales systems / workflows to scale the department that was responsible for new customer acquisition of digital marketing clients. Under his leadership, the department successfully grew in a short period of time to approximately 45 employees. - Scott

Fun for Everyone

Owning and operating a rental company can be a difficult yet challenging business.  Finding a web company to grasp new clients and customers can be even more difficult. Thanks to Hugh and his amazing company my business will be exceeding all of my expectations.  The service and dedication of his company and coworkers has been phenomenal. Being in a business and in a market that rapidly changes Hugh and I Think an Idea makes changes immediately as requested to exceed the pace of web and social media.  His service has been exceptional and the results have been enticing. It is nice to collaborate with an agency that will capitalize on the promises they instill.   I am looking forward to the future with Hugh and his aggressive company and all the great business and leads they continue to generate!!!:) Thanks Again! – Rod


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