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Scale Your Business with these SEO Growth Hacks

Your business isn’t meant to be stagnant. If you’re doing everything you can to get out of a rut and expand your operations, then there’s hope. The internet presents a great opportunity for companies of all sizes to build their brands and their revenue. The key is search engine optimization. SEO is still very much relevant, especially with millions of people searching for information and products using Google.

You can look at SEO as a real estate investment. You purchase a home and it’s yours forever (or at least until you sell it). The other methods of marketing, such as pay-per-click marketing, is like renting. Your content is only visible for as long as you’re paying. Once you stop, then it goes away. With SEO, your status remains for the long-term – as long as you continue to publish content. It’s by far the best way to ensure you continue getting traffic, even if you take a break for a little while.

Of course, the more consistent you are the better. Not just for Google’s sake, but for your visitors. If you can continue pushing out fresh content, then they’re more likely to return.

So let’s review what you need to be doing with your search engine optimization to grow your online presence.

Have Your Technical SEO Analyzed

Your keywords aren’t the only things ranking your website. There are technical components that must be tweaked to ensure your site stays on Google’s good side. This is something that’s best left up to the pros, since it consists of checking your META tags and robots.txt file. This is what grants Google robots access to certain files. If they can’t access them, then your site won’t be indexed properly.

Keyword Research is Vital

The keywords you select for your website need to be well-researched to ensure there isn’t too much competition. They should also help you reach your target audience. If your customers aren’t inserting these keywords into Google, then it’s a waste of time to use them. High traffic from the wrong audience is just as bad as having low traffic from your target market.

Build a Blog

These days, it’s mandatory to have a blog on your website. It helps with SEO, as well as keeping people coming back to your site. You can also use it for building links, which can significantly boost your search engine rankings, authority and credibility.

Hugh Benjamin is an internet marketing expert with experience helping restaurant owners, consulting firms, and small business owners with their online branding. He also specializes in social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, business development consulting, online reputation management and PPC marketing.