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SEO Techniques You Can Use Today to Boost Your Ranking

Hiring a consultant to oversee your search engine optimization is always recommended. Even better, having an SEO team working on your campaigns can greatly improve your results. However, if you’re reluctant to bring aboard an SEO expert due to your budget (or pride), you can use the following tips. These techniques have been used to help boost rankings in the SERPs.

Analyze Your On-page Optimization

If you’re web savvy, you shouldn’t have an issue with pulling this off. Then again, if you aren’t sure how your website can be optimized, outside of the content, then it may be time to work together with an SEO professional.

The on-page optimization deals with titles, headlines and meta descriptions that are used throughout your site. You can use free plugins on WordPress, such as SEO Yoast to make optimization simpler. There are other tools you can use if you’re using other freebie site builders, such as Squarespace or Weebly.

Find Your Google My Business Listings and Claim them

There’s no sense in having business listings on Google if they aren’t optimized. You need to search for and claim your Google My Business listings, and then update them. You’ll need to ensure the phone numbers, addresses, emails and other information are accurate. Also, there should be a description written that includes related keywords to help prospects find your listing. Location-based keywords are optimal, if you operate locally.

Create and Complete Your Profiles On Social Media

This is where many consumers turn when they’re looking for a brand. Social media is where people go to find real reviews about businesses before purchasing from them. It’s essential to have a presence here, so you can help drive positive attention towards your company. You should open up accounts on all the networks that your target audience uses, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Write Press Releases

These are still useful tools for businesses. Now, you don’t want to flood the media with releases, so use them sparingly. This will also keep you from getting flagged as a spammy brand. Make sure the press releases you write are relevant and newsworthy, so they’re more likely to get picked up by bloggers and journalists within your industry.

If your company is ignoring the power of SEO, then you’re in for an uphill battle that will take more time and energy to beat. Take the easier route by taking your search engine optimization strategy head on. Enlisting the services of an SEO agency will also make this process seamless.

Hugh Benjamin is an internet marketing expert that works with businesses throughout Los Angeles and across the world. He’s used his well-rounded list of services to provide insight and assistance with branding, online reputation management and boosting search rankings. These services include SEO, content marketing, ORM, web design, PPC marketing, social media marketing and management, and more.