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Tactics Digital Marketers Should Start Using Today

Marketers are always searching for new methods to use to improve their marketing strategies. Some work, other’s fail, but the race is never ending. It’s a quick-paced industry that requires you to keep up or get left behind. And we all know what happens to brands that are left behind in the dust – they become lost and forgotten.

There are basic techniques digital marketers know and use, such as engaging with their audience, creating quality content and maintaining their relevance. But what we’re now seeing is a shift – what once wasn’t worthy is now worth a second chance. These tactics aren’t anything new, but the outcome of using them now may do wonders for your marketing campaigns.

Review the following tactics to see which of them you should add to your marketing strategy.

Marketing to Mobile Users

A few years ago, marketing for a mobile marketplace was only a great idea. Today, it’s a part of every brand’s marketing strategy. Even Google got on board by updating its algorithm to boost websites that were mobile optimized. Desktop is no longer the king of the web, so if your site doesn’t have a responsive design, get one right away.

Auto-Bidding for Facebook Ads

Placing ads on social media platforms like Facebook is still quite new. Those who are already using paid social ads are reaching more of their audience and getting more conversions. Facebook has an auto-bidding feature that got a bad rap because it wasn’t quite perfect when it first emerged. After working out its kinks, we can fore go manual bids and use automated bidding to gain competitive edge.

Search Engine Optimized Content

In the past SEO got a bad reputation because it was oftentimes used by spammy online marketers. Today, the quality of SEO content has improved, because Google and other search engines now require it. Those using old tactics are now penalized and lose their ranks in the SERPs. There’s always the argument of the value of SEO content. At the end of the day, those who are using white hate methods tend to prevail.

Placing Ads on YouTube

We know there are millions of people watching millions of hours of YouTube content. Where there’s that many viewers, it makes sense to get your ads in front of them. Today, you can be more selective about which videos show you ads, such as those directly and indirectly related to your industry.

Hugh Benjamin is an internet marketing expert, who specializes in everything to do with online advertising. This includes content writing, search engine optimization, ORM, business development consulting, social media marketing and web design.