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Techies: Don’t Launch Your Business Before Reading This

The world runs on technology. We rely heavily on the innovations techies conjure up from their labs, warehouses and even basements. Some of the greatest ideas were made in the most unlikely places. Just look at Amazon – it began in a garage and now it has surpassed Walmart in popularity and sales. What this tells us is that all it takes is a great idea and strong will to make it happen. And with the right marketing, you can launch a successful business.

The issue with most Techies is that they spend more time on their product than their brand development. While having an excellent product is key, it won’t mean much if no one is hearing about it. Generating buzz for your new company is essential for having a successful launch.

If you’re in the tech industry and planning to launch a new startup, then follow these tips from the experts.

Market the Benefits of Your Products

One mistake techies make is talking to consumers like they’re tech-minded. They talk about features and functionality rather than the benefits of using their product. So rather than talking about how light, fast, small and clever your device is, tell the market how it can be used to improve their lives or businesses. Plus, it’s likely that there are other similar products better than yours. So don’t try to compete with features – show customers how your product is useful and economical.

Double Check the Manufacturing Schedule

In a great scenario, you launch your business and receive thousands of orders on the first day. In a not-so-great scenario, you run out of products, creating a long waiting list of unsatisfied customers. Then there’s the potential of you opening up shop and not having the product available right away. There’s nothing more disappointing than having to wait, so make sure you have everything ready to ship out on demand. Otherwise, you’ll be spending your first months as an entrepreneur doing damage control.

Hone in On a Particular Customer

You designed your product for a specific reason, which means there are particular groups of people you need to target. The more focused your marketing, the better the outcome will be. A lot of technology startups think too big, trying to reach on everyone. Even if your product can be used by majority of the population, you will have better results by pinpointing those who are most likely to purchase it.

Hugh Benjamin is an internet marketing expert that has worked with small business owners across various industries, including the technology. Services offered include online reputation management, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing and management, business development consulting and web design.