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Want to Build Brand Trust? Start Doing this Today!

Getting consumers to trust your brand is the key to turning them into loyal customers. Of course, getting to this point takes careful planning and proper execution of a well-thought-out strategy. Putting together such a strategy will take some research, since it has to be tailored to your specific business and audience. There are, however, some things you can start doing today to help give your brand the genuine feel customers admire.

Make Yourself Accessible

If you think of a corporation, you likely see a company that’s sterile, inhuman and unfriendly. The owner and employees of these organizations seem far away, uninterested and uncaring. That’s the exact opposite of what you want your brand to be seen as. One way to appear more friendly and human is to be accessible. You can achieve this by engaging with customers and prospects on social media. If you have a site blog, scour the comments to reply to posts and add to conversations.

Ensure Your Product is Reliable

It doesn’t really matter how friendly and accessible you are if your product is less-than-satisfactory. This is a top priority, as this is how you’re going to convince customers to come back to you again. Make sure you give just as much attention to the quality of your products as you do to building up your brand. Because one can’t exist without the other.

Be Transparent, Open and Honest

Again, we come back to the corporation analogy. There’s nothing open, honest or transparent about them. Their sole goal is to make more revenue, by any means necessary. They also refuse to open up their windows and doors to allow you to see what they’re really about. By allowing customers open access to your business, you show you are about the people, not the money. Don’t be afraid to show your weaknesses – own up to them and show how you’re making improvements.

If it Doesn’t Add Value, Drop it

Everything you do for your customers should add value to their lives. If it doesn’t, then think twice about keeping it around. This goes for the content you create, the products you make and the interactions you have with consumers. If you can consistently bring value to the table, then it will be difficult for prospects and customers not to like and respect your brand.

Hugh Benjamin is an internet marketing expert who has helped build brands for businesses in various industries. This includes owners of restaurants, consulting firms, realtors, doctors and everything else in between. Benjamin offers services that include SEO, content marketing, ORM, web design, business development consulting, social media marketing and management, and PPC marketing.